A-1 Bail Bonds


When someone is arrested they are taken to jail where they will remain until the date of court hearing. Release the handcuffs- Get Out of Jail with A-1 Bail Bonds. No one wants to spend one second more than necessary in jail. A-1 bail Bond is the ticket out of jail so the accused can continue to live his/her life. The Bail Bond is the guarantee the court needs to trust that the individual will be present for thei court date.Bail bond amounts vary depending on the seriousness of the crime and previous criminal record.Bail bond agent fees are regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Our Services Include

  • Licensed bail bonds agent.
  • Immigration, federal and local bonds.
  • Get needed funds to post bail for someone arrested and in custody.
  • Fees is 10% of total bail amount to be posted with a 100$ minimum.
  • Open 24/7 365 days a year.


Release the handcuffs-Get Out of Jail with A-1 Bail Bonds

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